CodeBusters challenge: details & questions

If we open the legend league sooner, it will be too difficult to decide which boss to use. You don’t want 300 people in legend league, nor 20… So, 2 days seems reasonable.

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By the way…
“professional” or “student” status for a challenge ? a bit too restrictive, isn’t it ?


20 is a good number in my opinion :stuck_out_tongue:

But yes 300 is clearly too high


“professional” or “student” status for a challenge ? a bit too restrictive, isn’t it ?
Yeah, i wish there would be someting like “hobbyist”. Please upvote this comment so the CG team sees it!:+1:



This is something that we are already working on, don’t worry. :slight_smile:



Ok, thx for replying :relaxed:

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I have a question on the league system… Right now in bronze league, high ranking AIs are often camping the opponent base, because most of the other AIs are just busting ghosts.

When the silver league will open some campers may be promoted in silver league. And if you submit an anti-camper algo you’ll be dead last in bronze league and first in silver league :confused:

I don’t know which algorithm is used to rank algorithms (I know it’s based on Elo but how is the opponent chosen ?). If you only battle against AIs with a similar rank the fact that AIs performance is not “transitive” may be a problem…

So the league system has advantages, you can be certain that your ranking will be at most Nth. But also drawbacks, as you can’t compare AIs from 2 different leagues (not possible to recompute everything at the end), you may need to have a different code for each different league.

if you submit a really good AI on day 1, it will be in Legend league by day 7 without you needing to do anything

So is this true ? I’m just worried to have to implement as many AIs as boss I’ll try to beat :smiley:

Thank’s a lot for this amazing contest !

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Just write a better AI that is able to do both: collect ghosts and defend against looters


Haha yeah I think that’s an idea ! My point was, it’s an example :grin:
I was more thinking about general trends different in each division (offensive / defensive). Of course if your code is modular it’ll always be easy to change it’s general behaviour !

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That sounds kind of like the switch in game play styles between different Tiers of other competitive gaming things…

UnderUsed (UU) plays much differently than Standard (OU and down) and both those play different than Uber Tiers.

Hi guys,

I don’t know if this has been asked before but I do observe a certain symmetry regarding the distribution of the ghosts and their stamina on the map. It makes sense as in my opinion this is done on purpose to provide a fair game and I agree with that. However, can you confirm that this will follow until the end of the contest ?

Besides this is there a maximum value of a ghosts stamina ?

Honestly I enjoyed the contest a lot until now, so thank you codin dude(sse)s ! :slight_smile:


We haven’t planned to do last minute changes on the rules :).

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I asked a valid question, as the point is not mentioned in the rules so I would have preferred a simple answer rather than a lecture.

So from your answer, I do deduce that the rules will not change at the last minute. Wow !!!
What a help that is !!

Shall I thank you as well ??

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I’m sorry for the misunderstanding, my answer wasn’t a lecture at all. You are right concerning the distribution of the ghosts, and that rule will hold until the end of the contest as you’ve asked. I’m here to help, not to lecture.


Sorry for my reaction Maxime, I got it the wrong way.
Thank you for your help.

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Quick question: if your bot code is chosen to become a tier boss, do you get to find out?

It would be nice to know that your bot code is being used to thrash people in the lower tiers. :slight_smile:

@mrxo You can just recognize that your code is being used. They used mine for the gold boss. No one told me, but I could tell because it had the exact same strategy and the same bugs. (And it used the same language, Python3, and was about the same level in the rankings.) Since my algorithm was deterministic, when I played it against myself, it behaved like a mirroring of my bot. It looked really funny. :slight_smile:


I suppose so. But most of my league promotions happened as soon as the league went live, and when I was offline. So if they had chosen my bot, I would have been promoted before I would get a chance to see it play myself.

Hello, is it known when CodeBusters achievements will be granted? :slight_smile:
I mean these for beaing in top 100 for example.

there is a small bug about this. It is being taken care of right now