Coders of the Caribbean (aka Galleon Wars) - Puzzle Discussion

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Is there anywhere I can see all the commands I can use here? I know MOVE, but I miss a reference to what other things my boat can do…

You get all the referee once you reach Bronze.
In woods league the statement gives you the authorized commands.
What do you need more ?

How to battle with friend?

Delete the boss and choose a new agent (player)

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Wood 2 League:

Is it normal, that my ship only moves from time to time and not very round? Can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong so far… or maybe I missed out on some information

In the first loop I collect all barrels, then search in a function for the smallest distance and give the coordinates to the print (“Move” x y) statement.

Is my algorithm maybe to slow?
Response time for one turn ≤ 50ms

Thanks for the help! :slight_smile:

can you share a replay of one of your bot’s games so we can help you?

Here we go:

Now in Wood 2 you can’t see it that good, because the opponents destroys my ship to early, but you see, that my ship only moves from time to time - somehow.

Thanks for the answer!

Hello, is it normal the view doesn’t fit the windows when the code is executed not maximized ?


im beginner cdgame

im rank 1 in bronze league

how to promote from bronze to silver?

The system is the same for every league, in every bot programing game: You have to be ranked above the boss once all your fights ended.

While developing my own engine, I noticed that the reference Referee incorrectly computes the range for determining a random number of mines or barrels. See the code segment on github. Instead of using random.nextInt(1 + max - min) + min, it uses random.nextInt(max - min) + min. Thus, effectively a max of 9 initial mines and a max number of rum barrel of 25 may be seeded. Not that it really matters for the game itself…


Good spotting! Indeed it does not matter, it just means MAX_MINES mines can never happen during random map generation.

But the fun fact is the if (MAX_MINES > MIN_MINES) test. It shows someone thought about the case MAX_MINES == MIN_MINES and that it would lead to an empty interval and map generation would fail. They added a special case for it, but your solution is better!

I created a code using if statements with python 3 that would check if the arg_4 was 0 and then fire at it but when I ran it, it shot at barrels do you know why?

I am using java and i need help. my boat wont move.

I am not able to write code for this game… can someone help me to start code for this game

I have a pretty stupid question but i cant figure it out.

how do i differentiate between the boats’ x position and the rums or mines x position.

for example if i wanted to make the boat wait when a mine was closer than 1. how would i do that

How to get up in Gold league, the Silver boss are too strong?
What is the strategy ?

How do you fire at opponent ships

You use the “FIRE” command. Please read the statement (“Rules” and “Output for one game turn”) for more details.