Coders Strike Back - SHIELD

me and my friend trying to figure how to use the shield function porparly (we on silver league btw) and we cant pull it off we try a lot of differnet combintaions of code with no success we use python a suggestion or piece of code will be appreciated.

what we know on shield:
–the shield lets you slam into the opponents with greater weight.
–after using the shield the pod will not be able to accelerate for the next 3 turns.
–the shield have a radius of 400 units

what we try to do:
–to calculate the distance to enemy with the mathematical equation of distance
–if the distance to the enemy is less then x units then activate the shield (we tried x as lot of things but the best we find out to be is x = 820 )

The shield multiply the pod weight by 10. So the mass is 10.0 instead of 1.0 for the turn. The shield have no radius at all. The only effect is to multiply the pod weight by 10.

You’ll find more informations on my article.