CodinBot removes accepted puzzles

First, it seems that codinbot also acts on puzzles and not only on CoC ( which can lead to problems wrt XPs.
Second, the rejected contribution have been accepted only one or two days after its approval which seems to be a very short time for the bot to be able to decide wrt users comments
Third, the actual visible upscore at the moment I write is +6 which seems quite high.

Btw, if the bot does not use up/down votes on contribs, it should be nice of the score can appear on the contribution page.


I think the bot does not use the up/down votes, but the average rating (stars) from the people who have submitted something (that’s apparently the only requirement to be able to rate).
It should probably wait for a minimum amount of ratings (maybe ~50, maybe more) before taking action (to make sure the rating is actually meaningful, as well as to let some time to fix the issues, if any).
Also maybe only 100%-solvers should be allowed to rate, it’s easy to give low rating to a puzzle you do not manage to solve.

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Well, the bot refused an easy puzzle after 1 day of activity and getting some not so favourable ratings. Personally I find this a bit harsh, as there was no problem with description ambiguity, test case quality or validators etc.
I was among the 3 who voted ‘accept’ and I think the puzzle fits into the easy puzzles pool. I have seen much worse. Maybe it is not your favourite, but I don’t see any problem why it shall be removed. I assume in such short time only quite few people solved it.

The other problem, that besides the rating score there is no feedback why people did not like it. At least in the contribution approval page you can give recommendations to improve, etc.

The problem here is not to know if we love the puzzle or not (I’ve personally hated it) but to know why the bot decided to remove it.

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