Coding escape for private use

Hi all,
I have been playing the coding escape adventures as they came out in the past and have really been enjoying it. Therefore, I was a bit shocked, to learn that it won’t be available for private use from now on. I’d like to ask: why? I don’t have a company but I would still be willing to pay of course.
Also I feel like this decision has been a bit unfair to the beta testers who have been trying out the first adventures and hopfully provided some useful feedback.
I hope, you reconsider excluding a wide range of people and maybe create a way for private individuals to play with their friends too.

Hi @codeItLikeItsHot !

I don’t know if my reply can help you as you want, but maybe are you wrong :open_mouth: ?
→ look at this Codin’EscapeGame page : Coding Escape
You can create there your private party with friends, based on the 3 (at now) available Escape Games :wink: :wink:.
=> Isn’t sufficient for you to begin getting new pleasures again waiting for this one, or others, EscapeGames :thinking: ?

As @TwoSteps said in this post Finding Sherlock: Coding Escape community event on July 7 - #11 by _CG_Thibaud, in reply to @ItsAFeature :

=> So i think :thinking: patience and :roll_eyes: waiting may give you :face_with_thermometer: answers … maybe good :gift: :hushed: at right … or later :wink: !
:play_or_pause_button: Don’t hesitate to do as me : feel free to get pleasure with so fun other puzzles and coding :wink: :interrobang:
Isn’t it ? bye :thought_balloon:

While we’re building a single subscription pricing for companies (should be around 10$/month/user), it won’t prevent a group of friends from getting it and getting access to new Coding Escape missions.

I understand cost can be an impediment though. I hear the frustration but I’d hardly call this decision unfair.

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Hi, thank you for your reply. From the wording of the announcement, I assumed that the new subscription model was really for companies only and that you could not purchase it as a private person. I am perfectly fine with paying a couple of bucks for access to the missions and a couple of hours of fun with some friends, so I’ll be doing exactly that. Can I then just sign up through the company form?

It’s not available yet (even for companies).