Coding help

Hello, I want to create classroom games. For example, a game where students choose from a group of words and behind the word is a certain point value. Like a “what’s behind card number 3” type game. How can I do that?

I am guessing that you want it to be animated as well, in that case, it is better to use python as the tkinter and pygame modules that are there make it a lot simpler to code.

If you google the tkinter documentation.
You will find that it is quite easy to write the code involving buttons etc. where it gets considerably tougher in Java.

Geeks for geeks also has excellent documentations on tkinter for example, this one teaches you how to make a button.

Another option is using, this is an application which will allow you to code the interface in HTML and using to actually code the technical part.

The advantage of is that you can build and launch it as a website so that you dont need all the student`s computers to have the code, and you can also store the previous attempts on Microsoft Access.

But I think that it is a paid application.
Hope that it works out well for you!!

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