Coding points

22 Dec i had 3888 coding points but 5 Jan i have only 1455. how is this possible?

Did you earn coding points because of clash of code? Those decrease over time if you do not play.

On your profile page, you can see the evolution of your coding points per category. You can look there which ones decreased :wink:

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thanks. could you advise how i can see the points per category? i did not find a way to look at that

Click here on your yellow name then scroll down.

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unfortunately i dont have it. here is my pic

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in smaller resolution, you have a scrollbar :wink:

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Report the bug?
He has no scrollbar in his screenshot.

The scrollbar only appears when the mous is over it, else it is invisible

EDIT: I retried by redimentioning my browser. Sometimes the scrollbar does not directly appear. Having the pointer over this area and using the scroll button of the mouse worked though.

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thanks to everyone. using mouse scroll helped me.