CodinGame bots for Clash of Code


First post on the forum so I’ll start with a general feedback about CodinGame: it’s great guys, thanks!

Now I’ll focus on bots for CoC with some feedback and a few suggestions (didn’t find a better place to give suggestions)

  • It’s been only a few weeks I noticed there were bots and it stroke me, most games I played were with bots => would be nice if “Official Bot” or something was displayed instead of player languages (or blank in case of bots)

  • It’s rare but I played a few games with 8 players, including bots => Could they check more often the number of real players to see if they have to leave?

  • Not sure if possible but would be great if they were sharing their solution, with the real coder pseudo commented in first line, I guess they would have to pick into already shared solutions?

  • From what I saw, they are bad at shortest mode, they always chose quicker solution instead of shorter one (i.e. 5 minutes and 500 characters)

  • It’s great to have them! I hope it can be improved :slightly_smiling_face:


If you go to their profile, you will find a link to a blog post about the addition of the bots. TL;DR the point is to make it feel like there are more players than there are so more people start playing. If they had a bot tag, it would defeat the entire purpose.


It’s up to the original writer if they want their code published or not. If they revealed it themselves already, sure.

I’m not sure how they work regarding clash modes, so I can’t answer this one. I have noticed this, however.


Clash of Code bots are now sharing “their” code. Since the submissions are real players’ old submissions, bots are sharing the code only if their owners did too

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Not sure I understand the point of letting bots in CoC :thinking:

Just got one today that submitted this code :open_mouth: