CodinGame Contests - What's Next?


The next CodinGame contest (Spring Challenge) has just been announced. It’s created entirely by the CodinGame team and is not a sponsored contest. It marks a change in the way we organize contests.

Unleash The Geek in multi

I think the Amadeus project team would like to release the game as a sponsored multi but no decision has been taken yet. I’ll notify you if I have any news.

I personally hope it will be released in the next few weeks. Meanwhile, I’m sure everyone can enjoy a break for now; the week has been crazy!

Community Contests

In September 2017, we started the development of the sdk as we were working on the first community game: Mean Max. Two years and 10 community contests later, we’ve decided to stop organizing these contests.

Creating such games, with almost no tools at first, in collaboration with community members has been quite a nice and challenging journey. Julien and I have enjoyed helping creators transform their ideas into contests and I must say we were impressed by their involvement. Thanks to them, we tested a lot of things: 3-players games (MM), crazy games like MOBAs & card games (BotG, LoC&M), collaboration games (CalM)…

Even if we were getting better contest after contest, we tended to run into the same issues:

  • Managing the contest calendar. Creating a contest is a long process. To be able to announce a next contest at the end of the current one, we needed to be sure about the prototype, the theme, the creators availability… Concretely, we had to start helping the creators on the next contest before finishing the current one. If we had a prototype by that time.
  • Working together. Time zones sometimes made it hard. And, when time zones were not an issue, communication was still difficult as we were working during the day at work and creators were working on their free time. Add to that our different expectations as CodinGame employees vs CodinGame fans… We tried as much as possible to respect the creators’ wishes in terms of game design but sometimes, we had to disagree and force a decision. Even if it was for the good of the community in the end (and part of the initial agreement), it felt weird.
  • Losing time. Between the sdk support, the rules discussions, the viewer optimization, the writing of statements, etc… helping creators usually took more time than creating a game ourselves. (And it’s normal)

Now, we would like to pause a bit and spend some time focusing on improvements of the CodinGame platform that we have been unable to tackle this year.

I’d like to thank again all the creators of community contests:
@Agade @Magus @pb4 @reCurse @AntiSquid @Illedan @Wildum @csj @mcargille @harshch000 @JohnnyYuge @nmahoude @eulerscheZahl @aCat @radekmie @chimney42 @Iuliia @rnkey @Tzupy @Matteh @Azkellas @Tehelka @java_coffee_cup

I’ll do my best to help you promote community initiatives like Bit Runner 2048 but we won’t be able to provide more support.

CodinGame Contests

We plan to host two CodinGame contests per year. We’ll create the game and there will be no sponsor. We are working on some ideas to provide a new remarkable and memorable experience. I’ll tell you more in December.

On top of that, we want to host more public sponsored contests (like UTG with Amadeus). For now, we don’t have anything in the plans; I’ll keep you updated!


I totally understand the CodinGame position on Community Contests. It requires works from CodinGame to make a Community Contest happens. If it takes more time than creating the game, it’s worthless. It’s still very sad to learn that we will have only 2 constests per year (plus Sponsored Contests, i hope Amadeus will be able to do the same thing every years ! ).

I still have a question. What if a codingamer (or a group of codingamers) propose a complete game ? Complete as in global complete : artwork, title, statement fr, statement en, viewer, referee, bug free, fully tested, wood boss leagues. Can we hope a community contest or the only way is a simple community multiplayer puzzle without any advertising ?


If a complete game is proposed, yes, we can make it a community contest.


It’s a very welcomed news.


What about adding more leagues to Community multiplayers if they are popular?
Like games with 50+ players in the highest league could get 1 more league to make it more motivational to submit in the top :slight_smile: (also, bonus on the XP gain…)


Yes, it’s a feature idea we have for a while. I think it won’t happen before the new home page (quest map) and ranking rework.


Knowing CG is mostly only at its peak in liveliness during contests, I can’t help but be sad it will only happen twice a year from now on. That being said, I am incredibly thankful for everything CG and its community has been able to give us (for free!) during the past few years.

Just by curiosity, what does this mean for the future of the SDK and its modules? Will they still be actively supported/developed? Will the new contests still make use of it? I ask because I found it a little surprising to see UTG used its own viewer tech instead of the SDK’s.


I really understand but I’m little bit sad. I discover codingame contests last year with LoCaM and only miss Pikachu Detective since that (I was on a train).
One contest every 4 months was a good compromise for me.

By the way, as a father, I loved the marathon format of LoCaM (more compatible with a family life).

Thanks to all the contributors (and of course CG), you gave me a lot of fun.


I’ll have to double-check with @G-Rom but we don’t plan on stopping developments of the sdk. We’ll continue to use it for our contests. We’re using it on CodinGame for Work too.

And you can continue using it to create your own puzzles/games.

So all contributions to the sdk are welcomed, so don’t hesitate :slight_smile: (and ping us if we don’t react) [cc @Stilgart since you were asking]

About UTG, Julien told me he preferred not to use the graphic entity module (gem) because he wanted to add something that is not supported yet, to be able todo some things like the radars/traps animations.


Also, I’d like to highlight the fact there could be more sponsored contests. Yes, there have been few in the previous years (The Accountant, Code4Life and Unleash The Geek) but mainly because we didn’t focus on developing this part of our activities.

If you check our team page, you can see that we have now Nanna taking care of our hackathons activities (both private and public events), so there is hope :slight_smile:


Most important change for contests:
Make game available immediately after contest ends or the next day.


Very true, I think it’s the single biggest hype killer.