CodinGame Discord bot - Live!

Coming soon: Live! Invite it here:

Users (will fix achievement ordering):




A bot for discord, nice!

IMO, the puzzle search would be the most interesting part. Also, I believe there is too much information retrieved. It ends up as a huge text block which I don’t think is that useful.

I’d remove achievements for the profile and additional info, story and background for the puzzle. Perhaps even the default description of the puzzle.

I wonder if we could omit puzzle and profile in the request.

Well done @BenjaminUrquhart

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  • Removed achievements from the profile per Thibaud’s suggestion
  • Only basic puzzle info is shown by default now. To show everything (basic info + additional info + story + background), put the --full flag somewhere in the command
  • Made hard puzzle embed color orange instead of yellow
  • User profile embeds are now colored by level (green. bronze, silver, gold, red/legend)
  • You can now filter puzzle results by replacing puzzle with a difficulty/puzzle type
  • Added contest command to show the current contest







Bot is live!


I’ve added a chat link command to relay CG chat to a discord channel.

Simply run @CodinBot link in the channel you want to link and it will do the rest.
Must have Manage Webhook permissions.

Note: this is a one-way link. Speaking in the linked discord channel will not send anything to CG chat.

Impressive work :clap:

Is there a way to have a two-way link? Because, as nice as it is to have CG chat in discord, I don’t see the use if you can’t interact. It would only be a channel to read, wouldn’t it?

The problem is, if I relayed messages from discord to CG chat, they would all be sent from the dummy account that’s watching chat. I could add a little header to show the username of who’s talking but I think it would cause more confusion than necessary.

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All new chat relays are now 2-way. To make old ones 2-way simply run the link command again in the channel.

Note that I will blacklist people who attempt to abuse this feature (spamming the channel for example). Be nice :wink:

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Does this make your own private clash as well?

No, it does not

And could you make it so it supports private clashes or is it too hard to do?

There’s a captcha for a reason.

to be fair, we could allow a Discord bot to launch clashes. We would need to do a bit of dev and use some kind of authentication token.

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