CodinGame Errors

Yesterday, I had the idea of collecting all the possible CodinGame Errors, which happen every now and then.

So far, i’ve found 3 of them: (Theoretically more errors are possible but I haven’t got or found them yet)

You’ve gotta love crab.
Take a raft by clicking here and go back home.

An error occurred (#413): “Clash is completed and cannot be restarted.”.

Time = 1:08:57
Network error : status -1

I wonder how many errors CodinGame has
So I “enlist” everyone! Help find CodinGame’s possible errors!

This is kinda an off-topic forum, and I don’t the off-topic-ness-ability of forums to get too crazy…
I don’t know what to do about that.

Also, errors in your code don’t count. The topic is CodinGame Errors, which isn’t gonna be about the bugs in …everyone’s code. So yeah, let’s search for errors…!

(All errors that appear in a red box at some corner count)