CodinGame Fall Challenge 2021 details please

As I wrote in the title I want to learn more ins and outs about this thing. I have not completely understood what exactly is. Can you help me??

Fall Challenge 2020 teaser - YouTube

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So you do not collaborate with other programmers. Or you do?

Hi @ge_pet :slight_smile: !

No, for a part of the CondinGame’ puzzles, in fact each puzzle in the MultiPlayer-Bot category (Coding Games and Programming Challenges to Code Better), your bot may fight against someone’s other bot, but you can’t choose your opponents … the system does for you (within your league).

If you want collaborate against others worldwide programmers, you can ClashOfCode (CoC) from here : Coding Games and Programming Challenges to Code Better
→ If you prefer against known and chosen programmers, you can create privates clash from the bottom of the page and invite your friends :wink: !

And to collaborate with other programmers together, you may try the (new, but very fun, category) escape games, from here : Coding Escape

bye ! have :sun_with_face: sun and :grinning: fun :slight_smile:

Thank you too!

The format of the challenge hasn’t been decided yet.

Consider this a global event for the community with many players joining for the competition, but also just for the fun of it!

Just wondering if there is any news on the date - Fall’s almost over!

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Fall hasn’t even started yet. Last year the Fall challenge took place in November.

In North America, autumn traditionally starts with the September equinox (21 to 24 September)[8] and ends with the winter solstice (21 or 22 December).[9]



:+1: Very good explanation @eulerscheZahl :slight_smile: !
→ To @_CG_Thibaud and all the others CG admins : we’re ready for the Challenge … we’ll be there for and with you all :wink:
=> @k-space : don’t worry … you’ll be :alarm_clock: :bell: :incoming_envelope: notified when it would be the time to fight :fist_right: :zap: :fist_left: !
'till there : have :sun_with_face: sun, fun and coding pleasures :wink: