CodinGame Fall Challenge 2021 details please

As I wrote in the title I want to learn more ins and outs about this thing. I have not completely understood what exactly is. Can you help me??

Fall Challenge 2020 teaser - YouTube

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So you do not collaborate with other programmers. Or you do?

Hi @ge_pet :slight_smile: !

No, for a part of the CondinGame’ puzzles, in fact each puzzle in the MultiPlayer-Bot category (Coding Games and Programming Challenges to Code Better), your bot may fight against someone’s other bot, but you can’t choose your opponents … the system does for you (within your league).

If you want collaborate against others worldwide programmers, you can ClashOfCode (CoC) from here : Coding Games and Programming Challenges to Code Better
→ If you prefer against known and chosen programmers, you can create privates clash from the bottom of the page and invite your friends :wink: !

And to collaborate with other programmers together, you may try the (new, but very fun, category) escape games, from here : Coding Escape

bye ! have :sun_with_face: sun and :grinning: fun :slight_smile:

Thank you too!

The format of the challenge hasn’t been decided yet.

Consider this a global event for the community with many players joining for the competition, but also just for the fun of it!

Just wondering if there is any news on the date - Fall’s almost over!

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Fall hasn’t even started yet. Last year the Fall challenge took place in November.

In North America, autumn traditionally starts with the September equinox (21 to 24 September)[8] and ends with the winter solstice (21 or 22 December).[9]



:+1: Very good explanation @eulerscheZahl :slight_smile: !
→ To @_CG_Thibaud and all the others CG admins : we’re ready for the Challenge … we’ll be there for and with you all :wink:
=> @anon93819042 : don’t worry … you’ll be :alarm_clock: :bell: :incoming_envelope: notified when it would be the time to fight :fist_right: :zap: :fist_left: !
'till there : have :sun_with_face: sun, fun and coding pleasures :wink:

If the contest is kind of “escape room” I feel disappointed.


The challenge details have been revealed:

  • It’s an Coding Escape game so you must form a team to participate
  • Starts on the 28th of October at 4 pm UTC

More information on the challenge page:

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:raising_hand_man: Hi to All :slight_smile: ! Thanks @_CG_Thibaud for your infos and notifications :+1: !
=> @ge_pet, @anon93819042, @Rolf and others readers : will you be ready for October’28th :handshake:?

Hi @elderlybeginner, @KarloHubai and maybe others (:hushed:?) : i understand the unknown can freeze your interest, but it seems to be a new type of challenge … you may not be disappointed before beginning …
→ Coders may focus on one thing at a time, and solve the problem(s) each after the other !
This new challenge mode may reveal to the world a better or energy-full special part of yourself …
=> if you can : you may try before give up … will you ?
Don’t worry : coding can be hard, but it’s always fun …
=> so … have :sun_with_face: sun, fun and CodinGames :wink: !

I came here for coding, not for solving riddles of RPG type.
I believe that if you are looking for a different market, you should start a different project.
It’s like with a program - it works, it’s nice and then pushing too many features makes it cumbersome. People are going to look for substitute which delivers simplicity and program dies.


I’m really disappointed that the this contest will be an escape challenge!

Throughout the contests I have participated in (and enjoyed a lot), I have come to expect and look forward to; bot programming, huge rise in chat and community activity during the event, conversations about strategy, sharing of programming concepts and so on. This contest will have none of that, and it’s really a shame.

Making this contest an escape challenge is in my eyes a mistake, and I’m sad having to wait for the next one.


I echo the disappointment. I’m not really interested in the new format. From talking with some of my colleagues, there seems to be quite a bit of disappointment going around based on there being no bot/AI challenge. Many are sitting it out.


Coding Escape is about teamwork. And Codingame is about jobs. You can be the programmer of the team and communicate with the non-programmers or be a programmer in a non-programming job and communicate with the programmers. Recruiters want to see what you do in any of the two situations.

If you don’t like it just ignore it.

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That’s a twisted logic with self-made axioms :upside_down_face:
I won’t go into disputes and reasoning and I will use your advice to “just ignore”. :laughing:

:raising_hand_man: Hi to all :slight_smile: !
Despite the disappointment of someones, we may fairly :clap:congratulate the winners : “DDTeam” (@Romka and @tourist) …
++ I’d like to salute the 2nd place of “Yearning for Myosotis” (@Twining_Tea, @RanolP and @finalchild)
→ and the 3rd best team “DROP TABLE WHERE school IS NOT 42:wink: : @bmerchin, @ttranche, @cclaude42, @hben-yah and @vmontagn !
=> “Bravo” to you all :slight_smile: