CodinGame IDEA Editor

Hi guys, I have created plugin for real fans Intellij IDEA that allows you to edit code, execute particular test case and see result directly in Intellij IDEA.

Unfortunately there is not enough API to implement full functionality, e.g. run particular test or get result, so I use dirty hack to get it and there is no guarantee that it will work in the future (and now).

To communicate between Chrome and IDE used Secure WebSocket (because site works through HTTPS) and for correct work you need install self signed certificate for “localhost”.

This release is a developer preview.
Feel free create issue and pull request.


Intellij IDEA 14 (with JRE >=1.8)
Browser Chrome

Getting Started

Recent change notes


  • Add support Community Edition 14
  • Bugs Fixed


  • Initial release of the plugin.


I like it but I’m not sure of the usecase, does it allow you to create more tests and execute them on codingame? Or does it just replace CG IDE by this one?

Tell me more about it :slight_smile:

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It just wrapper for CG IDE, no special usecases.

Is this plugin working on Intellij IDEA Community edition?

Fixed. Now it works with IDEA Community edition.

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So it’s just an IDE to replace codingame IDE? Why not using Codingame Sync?

As I understand it (from the screencast), it lets its users view/start tests in the IDE window.

I for one frequently use parentheses in my log messages (opening paren on entry, closing on exit) and rely on my editor matching parentheses to identify recursive calls. That’s not something you can do with the output in the CG window. Of course, since the ouput from CG is also truncated, this plugin will not perfectly cover that usecase, but that’s the idea.

Another usecase I can think of is for starting tests: the CGsync app allows you to launch tests automatically on save, but that may be too much if you save often (and sometimes it confuses the sync too). Otherwise you have to switch to chrome and start the tests. Boring. :stuck_out_tongue:

Disclaimer: I’m using neither IDEA nor this plugin.

What would be really great is if CG exposed a complete API for this kind of things, so that more people could write plugins like this for various editors, and plugins would not require a specific running browser.

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