CodinGame Infrastructure Changes

Hello everyone,

In order to be able to better serve you, we’ve decided to move all our compilation/compute machines to the cloud. It will allow us to quickly provision new instances when needed (for example for peak loads occurring during a contest).

The drawback is that the cloud machines have lower CPU frequencies than the physical machines we had. So expect to be able to explore less branches when brute-forcing! Also, to be fair with newcomers, we’ve kept the optimization puzzles on our physical machines for the time being.

I’ve got a few questions regarding this change.

1.) Does this apply to submits as well as IDE runs?
2.) Are every existing multiplayer games affected ?
3.) I noticed a lot of timeouts lately, can this be the cause ?


+It will change anything about the current FAQ?
Like compiler versions, OS, memory, 1 CPU with HyperThreading or any other thing.

+It is already done?

+Are they newer CPU’s? Are they fixed CPU model and speed, or the cloud can give you any kind of random CPU?, Maybe more modern chips performs better even with lower frequencies.

+Time calculations for 1st turn and each other remains the same?

+For newcomers it would be a drawback not only in optimization, but any non-multiplayer game where score depends on AI. Like Codingame’s reverse engineering.

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I have noticed a large lag spike in the IDE when someone in a Clash submits their answer and it is being evaluated.

Yes to all 3 questions

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  • No changes to FAQ
  • It is already done
  • Old generation CPU with fixed model and speed
  • Time calculations remain the same for 1st turn and other turns
  • What do you mean by “any non-multiplayer game where score depends on AI”. if “Codingame’s reverse engineering” is our sponsored puzzle, then it is an optimization puzzle by our definition, so it is not impacted.

Ouch, we’ll investigate. Clashes should not be impacted either but they are running on fewer machines now (maybe too few?)

Thanks a lot, totally clear now.
Yes CG’s reverse engineering was your sponsored challenge. And if It counts as optimization is fair.