CodinGame is getting a new logo!

Hey there,

The CodinGame community logo is getting a new look. :eyes:

As many of you know, we joined forces with CoderPad last year.

While this doesn’t change anything about your CodinGame community experience, it does mean our logo is getting a new look! In a few days, you’ll see a new logo on our website:


The fun and free platform we all love is changing its name slightly, and will be called CodinGame by CoderPad. Our community does not change its objective at all: we want to remain a fun, challenging, free and open place around code!

CoderPad is one of the main tool to perform technical interviews. CodinGame also has a business version of the puzzles, called CodinGame for Work. By joining these two products, we want to create the most complete offer to help companies, HR teams and Tech Leads recruit developers. These solutions are all grouped under one brand: CoderPad.

Bringing CodinGame and CoderPad together is also an opportunity for us to propose new formats for the community. On this subject, keep an eye on your mails in the next few days: Winter (challenge?) is coming :snowflake:

Thanks for being a part of our community,