Codingame + NetBeans: need help

I absolutely dont know how to start. Please, help me to use NetBeans as an external IDE for CodinGame. Thanks a lot.


Feel free to check a simple file-to-ide sync script.

Also, I have some kind of Java compiler which allows you to use standard 1 public class per file scheme, but, alas, I didn’t write any documentation for that yet. You can check it here.

I use both of these tools while coding here. They have a very good synergy.

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We will release a new version of the IDE soon, which could, unfortunately, break the current extensions.

However, if you use Chrome, we will release a new version of the CG-Sync extension/app:

@selslack feel free to reach me in private if you want to collaborate to adapt your script to the next version of the IDE.

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