CodinGame sponsored challenge discussion

Feel free to send your feedback without spoiling!

Here at CodinGame we are always looking for top coders and great team players. If you would like to be part of a strong and friendly team of programming and gaming fans, if you like to keep discovering new things and would like to get involved in a meaningful project, then you’d consider joining us. :slightly_smiling:

Try to beat our tech team bots!


Might be out of my league (and even if I had the qualification/profile, I might not be looking for a job now) but when it comes to catch this profile of dev’s attention, I thik they made it “catchier” ^^


Good luck to all, I like all the mystery about the challenge. Well made :wink:

I finally found out what the game was about. You made me feel clever, thanks :slight_smile:

I will take a break with my 908 points. I have ideas how to improve that but I do not know how to implement them. And I still do not understand what to do with every single given parameters. Still, it is pretty awesome :tophat:


I’ll check out the challenge later when I don’t have as much weird stuff as I’m currently looking at dealing with for the next few weeks.

Though–I don’t think I am in the correct city for you guys.

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I assume it’s still for a job in Montpellier? I’ll try the game anyways, because it seems fun and I like challenges :slightly_smiling:

I still love this website, and I hope you’ll keep my spot warm for when I finally can move in :smiley: In the meantime, keep doing what you’re doing, you’re honestly the best coding website.

P.S: oh my, the smiley have changed !

EDIT: 200 theories later, I can’t find it yet, I’ll try later, thanks for the good puzzle :wink:


Is there a way to find out how much points have the person ahaead? I optimised abit more, got a substancial point increase (ca +50%) but my ranking didn’t move. It made me curious.

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In the IDE, on the left, you can click on “Leaderboard”. There is a big gap above you :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Yeah, that’s a nice gap. I dont think I can take over anyone, but maybe scratch some points to deepen the the gap between me and the previous players.

At the moment i don’t really understand how the final score is calculated, but i wonder why i have a so big difference between the IDE and the submit.

If i run all tests in the IDE and sum all scores, i got something between 1500 and 2000. And when i submit i have 488. I know validators are differents but wtf how can i lose more than 1000 points ?

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I was wondering the same.

The difference isn’t that big, but I realized my code had some… Limitiations due to the inflexibility of the C# CLR (stuff like result = myArray[-1]; is out of range and other (a few) cases, specific to the last tests, where I was going out of range of one of my array - and thus stopping prematurely my algorithm.

I fixed it. It incresing substacificaly my results on the lasts tests, and making me hope to go above 2000 points. But after submitting it I anded up with exactly the same ammount of points than when I was getting out of range. Do the validation cases differ that much from the test ones?

If you have a basic heuristic, your score is unstable: by doing a bad move you can lose hundred of points. I guess you were very lucky in some tests in the IDE, or very unlucky with the validators. 488 is really few if you can get 1500 without hard coding.

As usual, the test cases are different from the validators. i think it’s harder to hard code a solution than with code vs zombies.

At the moment i have a very simple heuristic so yes it may be the reason. And since i don’t know the exact formula of the score i can’t say why i have 1500 in the IDE :smiley: I have to work on it. And a bug in my code just show me the “circularity” of the last test case.

Yeah, I think this is exactly the “bug” I mentioned in my previous post. Interestingly enough, I found another “bug” in my code. Fixing it dramatically reduced my performance in the IDE but allowed me to reach 2300+ in the validation tests \o/

In the other hand, the IDE tests are very good at showing possible “rare to ahppen” behaviors. That’s nice :slight_smile:

got 274 with php’s rand :smiley:
thats good enough till i figure out the real logic behind all this


Very nice and refreshing game. Congratz again CG !
Will you use this game as a recruitment tool ?
Are you going to contact people with the best submissions ?

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Among our activities, we offer to companies the possibility to get in touch with developers through “sponsored challenges”. As you may know, we are growing and we also need to recruit some developers. That’s why we have decided to propose our own sponsored puzzle :slightly_smiling: .

For the other sponsored puzzles (nintendo, teads, winamax), you are redirected to a report page with a link to apply. However, we realized that this would be annoying to leave the IDE for an optimization puzzle. We will add the apply button in the IDE soon.

Meanwhile, do not hesitate to contact us by private messages or email if you want to get in touch with us. We offer both permanent positions as well as internships.


Will this be time limited? I was just wondering if we would eventualy be able to discuss the content more “explicitely” in the future.

Well, I haven’t tried the nintendo one so far, but as of the other ones, I can say I had the most fun with yours. Well made :wink:

Once again, you excel on creating new challenge!

Thanks for the brainstorming! :+1:


You can now apply ;).

I wonder which score is correct? 172 or 72?