CodinGame sponsored challenge discussion


This challenge is really interesting so thank you :slight_smile:

For my code, the tests under the IDE execute without mistake, but after submission, I got an issue with a "validateur" :

I don't see any "replay" buttom on my browser, chrome. Does anyone have a clue please ?


Sometimes the validators fail on this one without reasons ; retry it ^^


I try another submission with the same code and I get the same error on the same validator... So I guess there is a reason for this failure but I just can't see it ^^'


I got an error in validators too, but found that if i disable all debug code (like printErr() and all debug logic) it passes all validators...


further is more
in code there is predefined cycle for reading fifthInput and sixthInput.
for(var i=0; i< thirdInitInput;i++){...}

so now, if I change thirdInitInput to "5" (constant) my code passes all validators,
if I return thirdInitInput variable - it fails M3L3

How can it happens!? 0o

I hope to hear from authors of the problem firstly, but everybody is welcomed.
(I think it is not a spoiler, everyone can determine this value easily!)
So I ve found that in M3L3 thirdInitInput is 6!
Is it mistake or not?
I thought 4 characters before pairs of integers are related to those pairs, but if thirdInitInput=6 then there are six pairs, but what are 4 characters means in that case???


thirdInitInput is an integer, you are expected to return a letter

Maybe you should reevaluate what you thought based on this new data then. :wink:

But indeed, it would be cool if IDE tests covered all cases, I didn't notice that it was set to more than 5 in some validators.


Umm, what? I've read twice but haven't understood what you mean yet...

Of course. Now I know that 4 characters is useless data for me while... I can't find dependence between 4 chars and all other game... But I have one idea to check when I will be able to access to IDE and code...)


UPDATE: my idea about 4 characters was right and it simplifies the game so much, that I need to cut a half of my logic))) haha


How did you find out? I've been stuck with passing 89% of tests forever, and I did not understand why since I couldn't find an error message for the failed test M3L3. Thanks to you, I realized I had forgotten a hard-coded "5" somewhere :smiley:


well, if you print incorrect output your code will fail the test.
so i just wrote:
if (thirdInitInput != 6) print('DAMN')
And after it I got all validators failed except M3L3 =)


Thanks, this helped me a lot!


Well, this challenge is over 9 months old, but I started it right now and found it very interesting.
It took me too long to see what's going on, but I finally see it.

I think I get all the inputs, but I can't get any idea about how extra points work.
I know you have some basic score, but under some circumstances I suddenly got 100+ points on a 6 turn play.
I still don't get how it works, because that should be one of these hidden states, and I can't see any way to identify it.

I saw that turns indeed affect other "players" behaviour, but I can't see if it affects these bonus scores. I searched for "bonus" on places where I thought I can find them, but nothing.

Any ideas?


Oh man! What very nice puzzle! What an amazing euphoria took me when I finally understood what was going on. =D

Now I need to make a more intelligent solution.


It seems that you removed the ability to test our code against custom test-case. Why so ?


Did python3's random) Scored 586, but can not figure out what the game is about yet(


This option has indeed been removed a while ago. For any puzzle by the way. It was the cause of too many problems with wrong inputs.


Found this challenge a little while ago and I love it! Thanks for providing this challenge to us. I sent this one to a few friends and we're all having fun climbing the leaderboards.


But how high was your score ? :stuck_out_tongue:
The aim is not only to have 100% passed, but to score high. Check the leaderboard and get impressed with the aliens scoring more than 10k :wink:


700 with math.random :joy: :joy:


Oh man I just had the light bulb moment of what this is haha. That's genius well done. I wonder if I'll have time to code up a proper response to this now haha. I thought it was one thing which was kind of similar and started doing alright, but now that I know what it is I think I can much better :).