CodinGame Sync Beta

Some users may like/need to code offline, run a few tests when they come back online, and repeat.

Do you mean that it would require too much storage? Then maybe the different names could be saved locally by the plugin? Even for a user who has done hundreds of puzzles, that shouldn’t be too heavy, and clearing local data occasionally would keep only the puzzles last tried. Another solution would be to use a file named after the puzzle (ex: title of the puzzle in camel case), so that there would be no need for extra memory.

Anyway there is no work-around the argument “i don’t have enough time to do it”, what you did is already great, thanks!

After some researches, I can store more than 30,000 KEYS/VALUES so… :blush: (i thought i have to enable unlimited storage for that, my bad)

All your ideas are excellent (well almost :)) : next time don’t forget to wrote them in my Questions Time Topic where I asked the opinion of the community BEFORE starting the dev’ process. ^^"

Like this one : (Closed)


Do the submissions on uploading file and auto running the tests count into ‘Tester - Ultimate Edition’?


Of course, I added theses additional/not required features on my free time because people asked them early in the process.

The new 1.4 version will be available Thuesday, and it will be the last before the open-source stuff, I guess.

Thanks a bunch!
I’ll buy you a :beer: or two if I’m around :smile:

Just noticed when opening a puzzles attached files it says puzzle conflict.

Opening in.txt and out.txt for example.

Yep, fixed in 1.4 thanks to :

Must have missed that, thanks!

NEW CodinGame Sync 1.0.4: The update will be automatic. If a problem occurs using CGSync, please verify that the plugin and the application are both up to date ( v1.0.4 ) in the chrome://extensions/ tab.

You can wait for the automatic update or force it.

To manually force the update :
Head to chrome://extensions by either right-clicking on an extension and choosing Manage extensions, or just typing it into the location bar. Once there, click the Developer mode link on the right-hand side.
And then click the Update extensions now button.

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NEW CodinGame Sync 1.0.5: Add HTTPS support

The update will be automatic. If a problem occurs using CGSync, please verify that the plugin and the application are both up to date ( v1.0.5 ) in the chrome://extensions/ tab.

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Awesome work, thank @SaiksyApo :thumbsup:

Hi guys, this is great!
At work, I use JUnit under Eclipse to valid my Java Code.
If the synchroniser could also load input and output files and auto implement the tests (like in the IDE) to validate your IA, that would be awesome!

Next functionality, the JUnit tests, with computation time checker!

Nice work guys ty.

Works with Pycharm

This is quite nice!! One question, can I hide the online editor so that I have a nice full view of the visualization?

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Problem: I installed the extension and the application. When I clik on ‘Use an external code editor’ - ‘Show’, I can see the ‘External edition enabled’ message in the ‘Code editor’ but I get no pop-pup with ‘Choose a file’.
Please, any idea to solve this?
(Note: I’m using Chrome 35.0 on Windows 7, and I de-activated all other extensions.)

Thanks! Works with Scala + Intellij Idea. So much pleasantly to code in real IDE :smile:

Very nice ! It works well with chromium on ArchLinux.

I agree with ronlobo & Skywalker, it would be nice if instead of choosing a file, it was possible to choose a directory and different puzzles were automatically saved in different puzzle. Ideally with the extension deduced from the language, this way you have multiple files for different languages on the same puzzle (except for python/python3 that use the same, could be hacked with a or something like that :wink: ).

I understand it’s not the philosophy of CodinGame and that the time to develop the extension is limited. It’s just what I would put on my wishlist ! BTW, if the extension is open source I can even try to do it myself. Can the code be found somewhere ?

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Na, CG didn’t release the code yet.