CodinGame Sync Beta

Any chance for opera version of the extension?

We have planned to document the API of the IDE in order to facilitate the creation of extensions. However, we have not planned to do an opera version in the short term.

New version available to work with the new IDE. Please update :).

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YAATAAAA ! :stuck_out_tongue:

Intellij idea sync with package path and when code play in codingame ide have error “Error: Could not find or load main class Player” !
How fix that Or resolve?

This plugin was not developed by CodinGame, hence we didn’t updated it to work with the new IDE. If the author wants to reach us, I’ll be happy to provide some support.

In Clash of Code, when i use this extension it works perfectly for the first puzzle, but on the second I get a bunch of errors (An error occurred (#413): “Clash is completed and cannot be restarted.”. Please contact pop up when saving while save on submit is on. I am using Chromium on Linux.

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Many thanks!

Just my 5¢: on Windows you (I mean a user) might want to have a look at Text Editor Anywhere.
On Firefox (regardless of OS) — it’s all text (the browser extension).
These tools work on all sites (and TAE even in all applications such as Excel code editor) and may give you (the extension developer) some inspiration.

Nevertheless, thank you for the plugin :slight_smile:

Works quite well with Visual Studio Code!
Thanks for the extension :slight_smile:

Didn’t test extensively (in fact, I just installed it) but seems to work perfectly with Visual SlickEdit 2015 (v20.0.2.1 64-bit) in a Windows 10 environment.


Thank you very much for [CG] Sync tool. It’s so nice !

Is there any plan to use Sync with Firefox ?

Thank you for your wonderful job !

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Is there a mozzilla app too??

CG Sync is not available for Firefox, but you can use this tool

Has anyone explored porting the Chrome extension to Firefox WebExtensions? I haven’t played with the API yet, but it’s supposed to be largely compatible with Chrome extension APIs. If there’s no effort going into this right now, maybe I’ll take an evening to explore this possibility. I have a decent amount of experience developing extensions for both Chrome and Firefox.

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Guys, do you plan to provide same functionality via REST API or CLI? That would be more convenient for dev integration.


Honestly REST API sounds like a great idea, the extension is nice but it’s really clumsy

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Works with Atom Editor (by Github)

Why not have a python/bash script that runs as a git post commit hook? There are a few reasons for this.
1 - Random junk is not posted to the site, it could have a syntax validation check, which is usually available in a local compiler
2 - Git commits are cheap and fast locally.
3 - Git diffs are cheaper over the wire in bandwidth terms than sending the whole file.
4 - A git clone for offline play might also be fun :slight_smile:
You could just as easily use registered key based auth (only for us editor types) and something behind native git tooling.


When I click “use an external code editor”, the “on” button doesn’t get highlighted, only “off” gets highlighted… and the sync plug-in icon is just gray out all the time in chrome… :frowning:
I have tried rebooting chrome.; any idea?

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I really like this extension. The only issue I have, is with the autoplay feature. For multiplayer bot programming it would make much more sense to automatically “replay in same conditions” instead of automatically playing in new game conditions.
As it is, I either have to turn off autoplay, or switch back to the online ide for debugging my code.

I think this little addition or change would improve it a lot for me :slight_smile: