CodinGame Sync Beta

Is there anyway to have a different source file for each challenge without having to change every time I switch from one to another ?

Can some one help me with this question?

It looks like, my IDE cannot receive the inputs.
I tried to have only one page open in and i used eclipse Luna


You got some pretty neat answers already. CGSync only copy/paste your code from your IDE in the browser, nothing more. You can’t play the testcase and debug (step by step) in your IDE using CGSync.

but can i have the inputs?
i am not looking for test cases, but i need the inputs to start

You can’t have access to the input for the game with a TV (Thor, Descent…). For In/Out puzzle (Temperature), you can go your IDE settings and enable the Expert Mode, and you will be able to see the provided inputs and the expected output.

You can also go to the coding game ide option, set them to manual and now the plugin auto play will do the same as “replay in same conditions”

But still I agree that the plugin should trigger automatically the “replay in same conditions” without having to change the option every time.

Would it be possible to make an extension that works with any html textarea field (not necessary on coding game) that would be incredibly usefull !

There is an “Edit with Emacs” extension for Chrome. I haven’t tested it yet, but I think it does what you want.

I dont see the button any more ?

I am using Chromium Version 57.0.2987.133 (64-bit) on Void Linux and I have the following error when I enable external editor:

Error in event handler for (unknown): TypeError: Cannot read property ‘URL’ of null
at chrome-extension://ldjnbdgcceengbjkalemckffhaajkehd/js/content.js:206:25

Lovin’ the extension! :smiley:
Quick question: will it be possible in the future to hide the editor while the plugin is active?
It’s kind of useless when it’s avalable in a separate window anyway.
It would be great to have the console/game output and the mission statement side-by-side instead.

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there is a greasemonkey script.

I had the same issue. Turned out I read too fast: you must install both the extension and the app (I thought it was some android app or something…).

The “ON” button in “use external …” is disabled. I can push the “OFF” button - it turns blue, but when I click on “ON”, the “OFF” turns gray and the “ON” continues to be gray, disabled. Can’t get to the Choose file menu at all.
Please help.
Win10, Chrome 60.0.3112.90 (Official Build) (64-bit), Codingame ext v 1.1.1

Did u install both ext & app

Thanks :slight_smile:

So, as it turns out, CG Sync will stop working early 2018 because Google is heading away from Chrome Apps (link).

Since I recently switched from Chrome to Firefox and am already missing the CG Sync support (especially with the upcoming contest), this is what I am experimenting with:

  • Building a native app in Java which handles the file watching.
  • Building a WebExtension that handles the communication between CG and the Java app, ideally using the same API’s CG Sync is using (luckily it’s possible to see CG Sync’s app and extension source).

This would solve two problems:

  1. It would work in not only Chrome, but all browsers that support WebExtensions (atleast Chrome and Firefox).
  2. It would keep working when Chrome removes the ability to run Chrome Apps.

The downside is that you would be running yet another application that listens to events coming from the extension.

I’m wondering if other people got similar or other ideas on how to handle this.


Hey Jasperr,

As 2018 is coming fast this is critical now
Yet another application is fine, just make it work for both Firefox and Chrome and open source it so we can check whats inside

I am already working on it, hopefully able to release it in 2017. I am planning to support Chrome, Firefox and Opera (and any other browser that supports WebExtensions, but by supporting Firefox and Chrome it’ll probably cover most of CG’s users already).

Both the extension and the application will be available from GitHub when it’s done, and I’m probably uploading the extension to Google’s Chrome Web Store and Mozilla’s AMO.


Are you using Native Messaging?
Why don’t modify existing app to use node?

Also would you mind share extension-side and messaging protocol? I want to make app-side with python but my javascript skill is very limited. I can’t understand sync extension by reading the code.