CodinGame to learn?

I went to today thinking I could use it to learn a language. I started in Python 3 because I’ve been messing with it for while. I’ve read in places that this site is a good place to learn. Well, the very first puzzle(supposedly easy) left me completely in the dark. They plugged in some code and part of it was ‘import math’ and ‘import’ sys. I got tired of trying firgure out how to crack the puzzle(game) and went to the answer. I noticed one variable was assigned ‘iMax’. Am I wrong in assuming this is something from the ‘math’ imported module? If this is the case, how can they expect a beginner to figure this out? Apparently you have to have a working knowledge of the different modules out there to even begin to solve the very first game.

There is no “Lesson 1, Lesson 2…” style of tutorials in CG. You are supposed to get these lessons somewhere else.
When you have a least a bit of programming knowledge and wish to improve from practice (the best way of learning), CG has plenty of programming puzzles or games for you to try solving.

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CodinGame can help you learn in a sense that it is an interesting place to practice what you learned. I don’t know if you already know how to code and are trying to learn python or if it’s your first language. For me I learned python, java, javascript and rust from that guy:

He makes pretty simple 20-40min long videos where he just go throught the syntax and concept of a language, assuming you know how to code from another language. After watching those I would come here in the puzzle section to practice what I learned. Theory is cool and all by that’s once you practice that the knowledge really sinks in.

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