Codingamers world map

Hey guys!

Wanna meet other codingamers? I create a google map for you :

For the moment there is just the top 500. But the aim is to have at least the top 100K.

It’s simple for the moment. More functionalities will come soon.


Please feel free to send me some feedbacks.


I really like the idea! Funny!

Awesome, how does this work, did you use CodinGamerRemoteService/findCodingamePointsStatsByHandle to find each user city? If so why just only the first 500? It may take quite some time, but you can retrieve all user of the leaderboard that way.

Also, how often will you update this?

Yes that’s right.

After retrieving the city, i call the google map geocode api to retrieve location (latitude & longitude). For the moment i have a hsqldb database, so i lose all locations at shutdown. As i have a limitation call per day for the geocode api, i limited the number of codingamers. This week i will migrate to mysql and increase the number of codingamers.

The map is updated each morning.