CodinGame's home rework

Hi everybody, we’re currently thinking of a rework of the home page. We need your feedback about this :wink:


  • all the following details are ideas, prototypes and do not reflect the final product
  • at this step, we’re brainstorming, do not expect any of these changes at a very short term
  • designs are absolutely not final (in fact these are my prototypes and they’ll be trashed by designers once I’ll give them this work so that they can produce something cool): so, we need your feedback about the concept, not really the UI at this moment :wink:

Main objectives

The main goals of this rework are:

  • make the homepage more useful
  • help new codingamers to discover activities on CodinGame
  • entertain and give more challenges/goals to our most active codingamers

Suggested changes

To achieve these goals, we’ve thought of 2 main changes:

  • display last activities on the home page: so if you have played a multiplayer game, tried a new solo game, played CoC or entered a contest, all these activities are displayed directly on your home page so that you can come back to them easily
  • a new quest map that suggests activities and fun challenges

About the quest map

  • the quest map is divided in several paths depending of the activities (competition, clash, solo puzzles, contributions…)
  • closed paths give a special badge that can be displayed in the gamer card (the one that appears when you hover a nickname)
  • the following quest map is just an example and the quests are not final. If the concept is well received, we’ll think of nice quests

Here is an example of the various paths that you would unlock during your adventure:


Here is an example of the home page:


(remember that we need to focus on the concept and not the design of the home page nor the design of the quest map !)

Don’t hesitate to give your feedback either positive or negative :wink:

I’m also available on the discord, ping me if you want a more interactive discussion (@G-Rom).

Thanks a lot !


First, it’s always nice to rework things, so thank you for that.
Quest map seems interesting to me, I would like for instance it to suggest me an activity (do one java puzzle to get this achievement, try this contest to become a guru, etc). As consequence this could be based on recent activity and current path in the quest map.
You might be able to discard some suggestions (e.g. I don’t want to have CoC suggested if I never do CoC)

Otherwise, why not a display by CG categories (screen split in 4 with puzzle, optim, CoC and contests, and a “completion ratio / ranking” for each

Not really the topic, but is there any initiative to rework the contest UI interface ? (have score on last battles view for instance ?



I share the same view as @chouetz on most stuff. The map honestly feels interesting as a mechanism. Maybe a path towards a higher goal like on where you build up to an algo or machine learning, or something like that. Or why not all… Oh, yeah, and achievements are a cool idea, maybe some along the line of the map, maybe even new ones. I also don’t like suggestions for CoC, but blocking a content is somewhat… unacceptable? There is also a sort of issue with leaderboards score (in terms of CoC), so why not create a new general section along with “practice” and “compete” having it’s own leaderboard and stuff…

Yeah, the home page really has only 3 big thumbnails with some suggestions, but it feels kind of empty. Maybe suggestions from each category, or something like that.

I can’t but not mention the more growing need of a ‘search’. For instance, people on the chat are asking questions about some puzzle, and to get to it you have to find it either manually or with google. A nice search with some relevance priority would be very nice I think.


A basic google search API should be included.

Thanks for your feedback. We’re currently migrating a lot of features from to codingame. Search will be migrated too during the process. No release date yet, but it’s definitively on the product backlog.

About the quest map that changes based on your activity, I think it can be difficult for codingamers to discuss about paths and the notion of progression if each map is different. I would have preferred a similar quest map for everyone and the last activities blocks that evolves based on your activities.

If you have a look at the suggested paths, they are already split in several thematics. So, if you don’t like CoC, do not follow the CoC path and do the others.

Does that make sense?


I don’t have anything to add that I haven’t already said on discord but just wanted to point out that the plural for “clash” is probably “clashes” not “clashs”

@G-Rom This could be cool to add a button “Purchase CodinPass” to unlock all the season rewards for about 200€.

Ok I leave. :joy:

Jack, from the Sales Team.


Hi everyone, I just started a public Trello board so that we can brainstorm about quests that you would like to find in the various paths. :rocket:

I would be more than happy to have your feedback about this. So feel free to visit this Trello board and suggest or comment quests.

If you have any question, don’t hesitate to post them here or to reach me directly on the Discord.

edit: Trello board is now back in private mode as we’re working on it. Thank you for your help and feedback

Thanks a lot


I would love to suggests improvement on OpenGraph sharing/embedding metada.

All page thumbnail and metadata are looking the same when sharing or embedding.


Note: Forgive me for posting duplicated request, searching for opengraph return nothing when I am creating this reply

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Sorry if I did not read the whole page, perhaps one of these days.
I realize the menus have been modified, a few days ago I searched for a menu in the top left corner, now it is in the top right one. And that way there are two menus next to each other : a general one, and one specific to the user.
As I had to adapt after the modification, I feared difficulties to find the forum, so I was about to propose to put it on the main page.
It is now less sure it is necessary. Well, anyway, this takes five characters …
The code clash needs sometimes some time (hum, tricky formula perhaps) to be found. There are two aspects :

  • Some links are unaccessible due to insufficient screen resolution, others are OK ; I do not exactly realize whether there is a reason to that or it is an error,

  • It does not always appear in the menu.

The way has to be found.

Well, today, I did not find the forum in the menus any more, I had to type forum in the URL.
Not sure that was intentional ?

What happened to the Quest Map idea?

That’s fun you’re asking this question because we started the development of the quest map 2 weeks ago :wink:

So yes, it will come.