CodingHubs will be back


as you probably know, we’ve launched CodingHubs for Codebusters contest in June and also for Hypersonic contest in September.

We intend to continue the experience!

To make it a bit more clear for everyone, here is a small FAQ that we will keep updated and also some guidelines for hosts.

Oh and we are putting in place a facebook group to facilitate discussions around hubs.

Feel free to ask any question.


And here is the typeform for people who want to host a hub for #FantasticBits contest.

I’ll share later the lists of Hubs so everyone can register. Stay tuned.


As you probably saw on the blog, there are already 10 hubs for Fantastic Bits contest! All information can be found on this Trello board.

It’s possible to host one, just fill the form given above. You can now also register to existing hubs!

CodingHubs are back once again for Ghost in The Cell contest!

Trello Board
Facebook group
Typeform to host a CodingHub


The first question needs to be updated:

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I’m an idiot. This is corrected.
Thank you!

Spotted another typo on one of the visual assets: ghost_in_the_cell_poster_A3_300dpi.jpg.

It should say 2017. Yes I know it’s a classic :slight_smile:

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