Community contributions and Clash of Code


as part of the on-going simplification of the site, we’ve moved the Clash of Code contributions to the community tab.

Soon the pending puzzles contributions will follow and be moved to the community tab as well. Indeed the puzzles page is being reworked, so it will be released at the same time.

And if some don’t see the tab Clash of Code, it’s totally normal, we’re conducting a few tests. It’s available from the home page anyway.

I forgot to tell something (thank you @simon_landry): for those who don’t have the Clash of Code tab, there is just one mode now, flash (5 minutes) for which you have still maximum 15 minutes to code.

If you’ve got questions, don’t hesitate :wink:

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I came up with a temporary fix to add that button back with the help of Tiramon, whose link is there on his side. You can find it here. This makes both modes available again.

so the button and the modes will come back?

Is there any way to disable the notifications from the clash of code contribution?
I am getting too many notifications.

For your own contribution as far as I know, no.
For other contributions, yes: Settings -> Notifications -> Enable community contributions notifications
Annotation 2020-08-26 175936