Community contributions and moderation

A few hours ago, there was a rather heated discussion on french chat regarding the community contributions and its moderation system.

This is the opportunity for me to remind a few important things:

  1. We are aware that the contribution system is not perfect. We’d like to tackle its inconsistencies and improve it but it is, right now, not part of our short-term plans.
    We’re working on other topics such as the Coding Escape project, the events of the week feature and the Spring Challenge.
    If you’d like to report an issue with a contribution, feel free to do it on Discord or here in the forum to one of the chat moderators or me directly.
  2. Everyone has different expectations regarding the quality of contributions on CodinGame. The moderator’s role is not to apply their vision to a contribution but to help and ensure a positive and constructive discussion towards the improvement of the contribution.
    If a contribution of subpar quality happens to be accepted, this is not a big problem. It can still be updated by moderators, removed automatically by the bot or dealt with by CG staff.
  3. You have the right to be angry at how we managed things at CG but any disrespectful comment to another member of CodinGame or to a member of CG staff is unacceptable. I’ll refer you to our Code of Conduct.
    We reserve ourselves the right to ban any member who will not respect these rules.