Community contributions and moderator rights

Meh, will not participate, seen too much algorithm competitions, I exactly know from where are the puzzles stolen, I would downvote all puzzles for “originality” criteria…

You may comment the puzzles and say what you think even if you don’t downvote them.

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I’m already grumpy enough about plagiarism present everywhere in contributions
on forum and on chat, I will not contaminate others moderators with my bitterness :wink:

You should.

And if you downvote an already accepted puzzle (if it is implemented)?
I sometimes downvote a puzzle (for me it’s just a warning) but wait to refuse it.

How many CGers are moderators, now?

a bit less than 500

How many are active?

Active CodinGamers or active moderators?

Anyway, it’s just the beginning. Some probably haven’t seen yet that they got the moderation rights, others might not want to dive in it right away, and possibly others are not interested in these rights.

And we’re on holidays.

Hello, I’ve seen the moderation rights and a list of contributions. On a lot of cases, it seems not finished in my opinion but it’s not to refuse. Do we have a way to flag a pending contribution as “in progress” or “need to work again on it” for the owner ?


For now, it’s just write a comment. There’s no way to organize the list based on this, though.

  • danBhentschel

We’re thinking about it :wink:
The best you can do indeed is to give pointers to the author on how to improve his/her contribution by commenting it.

Soon :slight_smile: :wink:

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just a quick update:

  • a contribution cannot be published if the provided solution doesn’t pass all the tests or if there is not stub generator input.
  • current pending contributions in this case have been put back in draft mode for their author to review it

This will help the work of moderators.

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Moderation now grants XP!

If you approve a contribution that is eventually validated, you get 15 XP. If you refuse a contribution that is eventually rejected, you get also 15 XP.

We will of course remain vigilant in case this reward encourage some moderators to be less thorough in their analysis. However we trust you on this so we’re confident :slight_smile:

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Is it retroactive?

no, it’s not retroactive, sorry

I think this is a bit delicate.

If I understand correctly, the super-moderators have unlimited access to all CoC puzzles. This in principle gives a pretty big and obviously unfair advantage in the competition.

So I think one should be given a choice: either moderation or competition.
And if one wished to change his status:

  • from competition to moderation, this is no problem;
  • from moderation to competition, this should be difficult; say one should wait for a couple of months or something.

Any thoughts?

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Quick update: CodinGamers above level 29 can delete comments on contributions. This way they’ll be able to remove spam/troll comments like the ones @nicolas_patrois got on his contribution 2 weeks ago.

@anst, there are (for now) only 14 CodinGamers above level 29. I highly doubt they will use this privilege as an advantage in the CoC competition. If there is an abuse, we can still take a corrective action.

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