Community Contributions Updates & Feedback

There are multiples topics on the subject, so I’m creating a new one to summarize what has been done and what’s in the pipe.


  • Tags & difficulty for community puzzles
  • Improved UX (no more drafts in a pop-up, visible status and actions on each contribution)
  • Huge list of pending contributions cleaned (30 days to moderate contributions)
  • Moderation rights updated:
    => Puzzles: level 20 to moderate pending puzzles, level 29 to update validated puzzles
    => CoC: 50+ CoCs played to moderated pending CoCs, 300+ CoCs played to update validated CoCs
  • Community puzzles merged with classic puzzles
  • Possibility to turn off moderation notifications
  • Allow the creation of prototypes of games/interactive puzzles using the sdk

To do

  • Allow images and URLs in statements
  • Allow uploading of covers for puzzles
  • Make “community” tab as default
  • Allow games/interactive puzzles created with the sdk to be published
  • Update moderation criteria to fit each category of contribution
  • Make moderation process and criteria clearer and accessible

What do you think? Did I forget something? Any suggestion?


It’s enough for Cocs, not for puzzles.
I still did not swallow my 20 refused pending contributions (most of them were puzzles).

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Will there be a way to add a 2nd creator to a game/interactive puzzle?
I see no need for the classic in/out ones, but the referee + viewer is a lot of work so I think that’s a realistic use-case.

I would also vote for more than 3 approvals to get a multiplayer in the arena (lots of work to create one, so I don’t think there will be that many contributions - a high quality game will quickly get a higher number of approvals).


I foresee a great disturbance in the force.

I mean, it seems like a necessity for bigger stuff (multis and company), but for clash and single I/O puzzles, presence of a link and attempts at images are highly correlated with shitty lower quality submissions.

Could you give some examples?

I hope they’ve all been refused or timed out by now. I’ll show you one next time I see one.

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For those who don’t like the red notification about pending puzzles, insert this to a GreaseMonkey/TamperMonkey script:

window.addEventListener ("load", pageFullyLoaded);

function pageFullyLoaded () {
    var notification = document.getElementsByClassName('cg-notification-bubble_count ng-binding');
    if (notification.length > 0) notification[0] = 'none';


Might kill the other notifications (about followers and achievements), if there are no contribution notifications.


Alternately (as reCurse and I did), uBlock it out. Mine looks like this: > .cg-notification-bubble

(absolute same visual results)

There is already the option “Enable community contributions notifications”. Shouldn’t it affects such notifications?

The behavior of this notification should change soon (this week I believe). We realized quickly it was annoying.
It should show a number only if there are new contributions added since the last time you visited the contribution tab. (today it shows the number of contributions remaining to moderate).

and yes @mihei I believe it should not show if the setting is set to off.

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I have the setting set to off and it still shows. It would be great to fix that. I dislike irrelevant (to me) notifications with a passion. :slight_smile: Thanks!

That was a personal “I believe”. I will discuss this further with @G-Rom but I promise nothing.

Hello Thibaud

I do not know if you’ve ever discussed adding “community contributor badges” for puzzles and playgrounds.
What do you think?

Yes, it will come with the rework of the home page.



I think it would be great if you add the possibility for content creators to choose the order of test/validator. => Drag and drop / Arrow to click (move up/down) / Number or order…

Currently if we want to add an easy “test”/“validator” we have to cut and past every test/validator that must come after the new one. It could be very tedious when you have 3+ test/validator already written.