Community multiplayer puzzles


Do community multiplayer puzzles reward CG points ? The question was asked a few times on the chat but there wasn’t any definitive answer (or I missed it).


“Every time one of your contributions is (definitely) approved, you’ll get 250 XP.” from

CG points are different from XP points.

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I think so.
Let’s have a look at AlesRamsa.
Being 5th in Code of ice and fire is probably his only multiplayer activity. (I didn’t check ranks below 1000 for other games).
That placement alone would give 362.9 CP, if taken into account. He has 363 points shown on his profile.

The legend says that no one can compute the correct amount of CP.

I tried many times, computing my CP according to my ranking. I never get the correct result. I assume CodinGame use more criteria than just the rank (maybe some account are ignored).

And it’s far worse with optimization puzzles :smiley:

Is it still considered as “community multiplayer” since they tweaked it to add standard leagues ?

For optimization puzzles they only consider those with 100% solved, if I remember correctly.
For A*Craft that means everyone (you get 100% no matter what), while for Bender 4 there are only very few users taken into account (less than a quarter of those on the leaderboard even solved it).

Hm, good question. You could repeat my check for other leaderboards. Might be easier to create an alt account than to find a user with just 1 game to easily check.

This is what I just did. Answer tomorrow.

Did you also create an alt account for “real community multiplayer puzzles” ? (like Vindinium or Cultist wars)

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I created an account and submitted on BR2048 alone.

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Then it would be a nice training puzzle :slight_smile:
“Here are the results, compute the correct CP”.
But no one except CG could make valid validators…

The answer is yes.

Thanks you for the investigation !

Cool! Then it would be nice if community multis and optims were included in

We’ll have to test if optimization community puzzle rewards point first :smiley:

it seems to me that this idea that community puzzles don’t reward CG points only comes from Magus’ repeated whine that they don’t :smiley:

Anyway, I’m sorry, I should have been clearer about it. To be honest, Magus even made me doubt about it. :upside_down_face:


But i actually think that this information comes from the Bender optimization puzzle. And i’m pretty sure euler did say that the Bender optimization puzzle does not reward any point.

Is there a difference between community multiplayer puzzles and community optimization puzzles ?

after checking, it appears that indeed, community opti puzzles don’t reward cg points. Which seems like a bug to me. Will double check with @G-Rom when he comes back from holidays.

Thanks for the precision.


My anecdotal evidence also says that community optim puzzles don’t (yet) give CPs: I checked the day when @Marchete took the #1 from me on CGFunge and my optim points were precisely the same the next day.


Hi, I’ve added community multis to my tool. Thanks for the heads up.

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