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Created by @PolyB,validated by @bbb000bbbyyy,@JBM and @Zorg1.
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I managed the 10 first tests but then I don’t, I noticed that there could be an order in the execution of operations (VALUE first) but there may be others that I didn’t found. So I wonder : Is there some rules I missed ? Is there some priority between ADD, SUB and MULT or according to the cells $0, $1… ?


There is no need for precedence, as each cell can only have a single operation. On the other hand, you obviously can’t compute a cell’s value before you have computed the operands it depends on.


Mon code passe tous les tests sauf “Backward dependency”. Le premier argument donné fait référence à une cellule inexistante, que je positionne alors à 0.
Mais il semble que le résultat attendu soit dans ce cas un mélange des arguments de 2 lignes de calcul, comme on peut voir si dessous :
Sortie standard :
'cells : ’
‘arg1 : $1 OP : ADD et arg 2 : 20’
‘cells : 20’
‘arg1 : 32 OP : VALUE et arg 2 : _’
Trouvé : 20
Attendu : 52
Est-ce vraiment ce qui est attendu, ou s’agit-il d’une erreur dans le jeu de données de test ?


@akaliphen L’input est :

ADD $1 20
VALUE 32 _

Il y a donc 2 cellules, $0 = $1 + 20 et $1 = 32, d’où $0 = 52.


OK, je vois :thinking: Merci


I don’t understand how we can predict the value of a cell if the ones it refers have no value except 0 because of initialization. As I said I can’t manage the tests after 11 even if I putted values in cells for operation with either VALUE or any other operation with only numbers and no references. Please could anyone give me an advice ?


You are already doing very well to have passed 10 test cases.
Ever think of a spreadsheet having no VALUE at all? Try this:

ADD $1 $2
SUB $4 $2
ADD $4 $4
MULT $0 $1
SUB $3 $3


C’est vraiment ce qui est attendu.
Il semble que la somme ne soit pas faite… un problème de d’assignation/retour?


Here’s a Google Sheets transcription of the “Diamond Dependency” test case, just to show how you could solve the test cases even if you didn’t understand the algorithm behind.



My code give the following answer :


Because all cells are initialized at 0
Is that correct ?


The rules of the puzzle say

There won’t be any cyclic references: a cell that reference itself or a cell that references it, directly or indirectly.

So the test written by java_coffee_cup is not valid and won’t be tested.

However java_coffe_cup is right that a spreadsheet can have no VALUE at all like this:

ADD $1 20
ADD 32 4

The expected result here is