[Community Puzzle] 6 nimmt! / 6 qui prend! / Take 5!

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Created by @_SG_Sebastien,validated by @darkhorse64,@trictrac and @field3.
If you have any issues, feel free to ping them.

I used to play this IRL as a party game, but it was always so chaotic (yet fun) that I thought any human- doable strategy is not better than random play… :slight_smile: Now we will see here if some clever NN/GA/MCTS/etc will outperform the other bots or not…

PS: I am wondering how “6 nimmt!” ended up “Take 5” in the English translation. Tax deduction?
PS2: The Hungarian version also uses 6, although the name is not a literal translation but a pun: “Vigyáz(z)6”

Explain the pun, please …

Not much of a pun, just a play on word. If you pronounce 6 ( = “hat”), then it can become part of the word.

vigyáz = (he or she) takes care
vigyázhat = (he or she, but also you in honorific form) may/shall take care,
vigyázz, 6 = (imperative) take care, (it is) 6