[Community Puzzle] A Code of Ice And Fire


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Created by @Azkellas,validated by @reCurse,@Astrobytes and @anon72424297.
If you have any issues, feel free to ping them.


Changes made:

  • There are now less mine spots, especially on smaller maps: number of mine spots is randomly chosen between 6 and (number of neutral cells * 15%).

  • Mines now cost 15 flat

  • There is now an empty frame at the beginning of each turn, so one can see the game state they received in input

We hope that these changes will make mines a viable option for new players to investigate on without breaking contests AIs. GL&HF


Any reason why it’s a community game instead of an official one ? Contests usually become official multiplayer games :thinking:


I don’t know why CG didn’t create an official puzzle with this one, but i find this a little harsh with the creators. A community puzzle does not reward any point and it’s less attractive than an official multiplayer puzzle.


This puzzle clearly deserves to be an official multiplayer puzzle !


We asked Azkellas and Tehelka to release their game with the contribution process.
The idea behind was to give you all more autonomy. The thing is that we forgot some limitations of the current process.

  • only Wood Leagues: our system behind this is a bit weird to me. We fixed that manually, and I’ll see if the sdk can handle this differently for future community multis.
  • permutations. It seems the sdk handles it but it’s not documented. We added them from the Bronze league
  • no option in the games drop-down in the leaderboards page. True but the leaderboard is accessible from the puzzle.
  • no notification. I will send an email to all CIF registered to announce the release of the multi (as I did for CalM)
  • no leagues opening. @_CG_SaiksyApo will open new leagues every week as before.

In our desperate attempts to fix the configuration, we haven’t managed yet to get rid of this too early Silver league, but we will!
As for the CG points, there should be CG points for community multi games. As of today, it still depends on the old formula. (I expect the new formula this summer)

Finally, about current community multi games, I’ll see with the team if we can manually update their config. The idea would be to allow the opening of leagues above if there are enough players in the current higher league. I’ll keep you updated on this.


This is a interesting topic, but the current topic is the community puzzle A Code of Ice and Fire.

If you want to talk about the community puzzles validations/lifecycle/other, please create a new topic.

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The silver boss times out in rare circumstances. I’m not sure if this is intended.

Edit: it appears to only occur on this particular map.
Replay #2: https://www.codingame.com/share-replay/402484096
Seed: 7133939872625234900

Great game! Should be an official game! If it needs some modification to become an official one, don’t hesitate! Great and complex play!

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What do you mean by “official” ?

Hi. Before fall challenge 2020 i was in the silver league ( pos 155 ) . Today i found myself in the legend league. My code was not good enough to go to gold league, so there is something wrong there.

And why am I back to wood league? I was around 6th in legend the last time I checked.
My code history is still there. Half the leaderboard is gone (e.g. karliso and reCurse ranked 1st and 2nd).

I’ll farm some free XP by resubmitting and ping @TwoSteps.


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I apologize to all those in what was previously Gold and Legend, I’m actively working on putting everything back together again.


we did a mistake and Julien is working on this. If everything works out, we’ll be able to:

  • put back players in the leagues they were
  • put back bosses
  • remove earned XP (sorry :grimacing:)

No need to resubmit then.

Something went wrong with that I think. I just got pinged that I was promoted to Wood 1 of Fantastic Bits, a game I’ve never entered. When I went to look my Ice & Fire code was waiting for me. This happen to anyone else?

The leaderbaord has been reset to what it was before the 2 leagues were accidentally deleted. You can disregard the Fantastic Bits promotion notifications, an unexpected side effect.

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This seems to be multilevel difficulty bot programming. Easy at start and deep in strategy.

Can you split you heuristics/strategy a little bit :wink:?

I miss the kind of description similar to:

What will I learn?
External resources

I’d say:
pathfinding, floodfill, optimization

And it does feel like you’re forced to convert to bit representation further down the line for quick checks.

Also the move ordering can be very important. https://core.ac.uk/download/pdf/249335256.pdf

Also need to find out how to expand, when to do cuts and how, when to stall … etc
I looked at the leaderboard after rereading the feedback and strategies thread, i wonder what the #1 implemented to get that big lead on an already big lead.

or just skip to some form of multimodal convolutional neural network and train it through self-learning offline, maybe it’s easier to beat the game that way?

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I wonder if your post helps or increases my confusion. :wink:
I try not to overthink at the beginning, although the pdf is very interesting. Thank you for that link.
Any simple heuristics for advancing up to silver?

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Silver is easy as long as you just implement the basics:

  • unit spread to get as big area as possible, stick to level 1s and be selective of where how you train/move
  • mark your territory border with a few towers when opponent is nearby
  • if necessary train a level 2 or level 3, maximum one at a time
  • victory TRAIN-chain to the enemy base (not sure you need this for silver though)

Maybe for gold you need some better cuts / lethal cuts detection?