[Community Puzzle] Abalone

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Created by @DomiKo,validated by @trictrac,@field3 and @VulpesCorsac.
If you have any issues, feel free to ping them.

VBnet default code doesn’t work.

Solution is to use different variable names in the for loop.

League “Wood 2” is of no use : I accessed the league “Wood 1” at my first attempt , with an action chosen randomly in the list of actions ! (but may be I’m very lucky)

you got lucky, my bot does exactly the same

Well, I’ll try the national lottery !

Make your bot generate the numbers. :smiley:

Already tried … doesn’t work !!! :rage: :grinning:

Wow. I’m currently in 4th behind LeRenard, EricSMSO, and trictrac. But I appear to be in this zone where I win every single game against folks lower down the leader board. And I lose every single game against the top 3. I’ve only seen 2 exceptions to this rule in the last 100ish games. It’s like there’s a hard barrier both above me and below me. I feel like most other codingame games, there’s a little bit more mixed results on average than this.