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Working on this puzzle and all the test cases pass except test 3.
Partial input is for test 3 is:

According to my interpretation of the puzzle rules it should output
a > a1 > a11
a > a1 > a12 > a121
a > a1 > a13 > a131 > a1311 > a13111 > a131111

which my solution does. But I get an error of
Found: “a > a1 > a11”
Expected: “a > a1 > a13”

This makes no sense because the a13 answer should have many more descendants.

Did the input or test cases change on this puzzle?

“Expected:” solution stop to the first wrong char.

So it’s expecting a > a1 > a13 > to be output before a > a1 > a11 ?
That’s not how all the other test cases are working.

You can see the expected output by clicking the “drawers” icon in the upper-right of the Test cases window. Expected output for test 3 is:

a > a1 > a11
a > a1 > a12 > a121
a > a1 > a13 > a131 > a1311 > a13111 > a131111
a > a1 > a13 > a132
a > a1 > a14
a > a1 > a15
a > a2
a > a3
a > a4
b > b1
b > b2
c > c1 > c11 > c111 > c1111
c > c1 > c12 > c121 > c1211
c > c1 > c12 > c122

Double-check your program. You must have misinterpreted something?? If you continue to have problems, feel free to PM me.

  • danBhentschel

OK, found the error in my code so all the IDE tests are passing, but test 3 on the submit tests is failing.

found I wasn’t clearing all the old ancestors when I went up a level. Fixed this and all the submit tests passed :slight_smile:

There is something wrong with the validators for this puzzle.

I have 100% on the tests, didn’t hardcoded anything, and yet i only have 33% on submit.

I get that the validator should be different from the test but when there is that much difference something is wrong.

So since i can’t see what’s the problem in the validators and all my test are successful, how am i suppose to find the possible bugs ?

EDIT: Only validator 1 and 5 are successful

Maybe your algorithm is too simple.
Mine is not that complicated.

This doesn’t answer my question at all…
How could i find what’s wrong if the only debuggable “things” are the test and all test are ok ?

And my code is of course simple since the problem is simple, so i don’t really see why making it complicated would solve anything.

Maybe you don’t manage correctly stairs that goes up and down.