[Community Puzzle] Another Road Construction Site - 1

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Created by @Trunksistor,validated by @Lisa-Has-Ideas,@Gu3n0 and @Timinator.
If you have any issues, feel free to ping them.

It’s really too simple (and fast to code) to be validated as an easy puzzle. It should have been a clash.

Not everybody likes the time pressure and the competitive aspect of CoC. Just because a puzzle can be coded within the CoC time limit, imho it is still a valid candidate for being an easy training puzzle, especially as full beginners are less likely to participate in a CoC. Plus the statement is rather long here, not well suited for speed CoC.


Yes, I agree fully with TBali.

I only read approximately the second half of the text, where the crucial information is just immediately visible and sufficient, without the potential “lore” just before it…it took less than 1 minute. A lot of coc need more time to be read AND understood.