[Community Puzzle] ASCII Art QR code

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Created by @Eulero314,validated by @cedricdd,@Timinator and @McKael.
If you have any issues, feel free to ping them.

An interesting one.
As it is “hard”, it could have some more features to justify its hardness:

  • random rotation
  • error detection / correction
  • report invalid if it cannot be decoded
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Output section states that “only the first copy” of the message is required, but the expected output of Test 2 and Validator 2 contains the same message twice.

Have I missed something?

It is because the End Of Message appears after the second “dog.”

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If that is the case, are the following all irrelevant?

The raw data are repeated until all the space available in QR code is filled. There is always room for a full copy of the raw data, subsequent copies may be truncated.

only the first copy

The test is making sure you are breaking when you reach EOM and not when you find a repetition.

There is nothing preventing you from having a repetition in the text:

And if the QR code has way more space than the data it would become:

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Thank you for your reply! Sorry for the late reply as I was trying to clarify the wording with the author. Now the wording is clearer and I’m also clearer :slight_smile:

Would still hope there were cases of BOM;TEST TEST TEST;EOM;BOM;TEST TEST TEST;EOM;… though.

Hi, Thanks for your comment. Do you think I should change the puzzle level to medium and provide a new puzzle (part 2) with rotation and Reed–Solomon codes for error corrections? I was worried that putting these features in the current version would make the specification too long.

Hi, I added a test with BOM TEST EOM BOM TEST EOM etc. if you think it is better to add also BOM TEST TEST EOM etc. let me know. Thanks

If that is the case, are the following all irrelevant?

These are redundant data For this puzzle they are irrelevant. You can ignore them.

Working in real environment, scanning and decoding QRs involves high chances of errors. The redundant data can be used for fixing corrupted bits.

At this moment there is another QR exercise in WIP community contribution, @nicola , that looks promising and has better chance to implement data rotation and error correction.

I feel error correction may be too demanding for ascii arts. Rotation is possible and easy but if only for this little bit of difference it may not be enough to enable a new puzzle to be outstanding. You’ve done well enough in creating the first QR puzzle here.

Not redundant any more as the author has added a test case and a validator…