[Community Puzzle] ASCII Art with Logo Language

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Created by @Eulero314,validated by @cedricdd,@DeanTheMachine and @McKael.
If you have any issues, feel free to ping them.

It is my first time writing feedback on a puzzle.Overall the challenge was cool, take me 2 or 3 hours ish to do it, I was not focusing to much on the time I was taking. I really like the idea to write a parser and interpeter after that. I see a couple of edge was not great exemple using the character ‘;’ clearing the screen. like “CS ;” and after that if you use multiple line that finish like this CS ;;FD 1; So if people that simply try to split the instruction by ; that will not do it. So I write a parser that support it correctly, but in the end I suppose that was overkill because no exemple was using the ; for display. I used reflection to link every command to a function. So I was adding new command was simply add a method in my class. I only supported two type of parameter: Char and Integer. I liked the idea but in the end I find all the documentation maybe lacking on the behavior of the screen. When you tell me “Clearscreen” in my head you have size. So I in the end I create a virtual screen that can write character in the negative number and before rendering, I simply calculate my bounding region of character to draw it and triming the end of line. In the end, I have no idea how I make everything work first try. I am a little bit supprise. But I feel frustrated during all the time writing the code because, I was taking a lot of guess on the wanted output. Maybe add more comment on the requirement.