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Created by @Pika_equals_Pika,validated by @Paolo_Rzf,@seallab and @ClementC.
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For the example given in the statement there are 9 solutions that are following the given rules, you need enough rules to make the solution unique or am I missing something?
[3, 4, 6], [3, 6, 4], [4, 3, 6], [4, 6, 3], [6, 3, 4], [6, 4, 3], [5, 5, 3], [5, 3, 5], [3, 5, 5]

This puzzle has a judge, so it can accept multiple valid solutions.

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### Informations :
TIMEOUT! (-3.481491967546424E10MILLISECONDS)!

Bob buys colorful pancakes.
But the colors are not used in any way in the solution itself.
And it could be more interesting.

I had a similar error. the referee waits for a newline at the end of the user’s output.