[Community puzzle] Brackets, Enhanced Edition


This topic is about the puzzle Brackets, Enhanced Edition.

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Got all the tests right but failing last validator using c#.
Any ideas?


Nope, works for me on C#. It must be similar to the test #9 (Very complex unsalvageable).
It’s a really long string (like 9997 bytes), that gives a false.
I think this challenge is easier than the original one, you just need to think about it.


“easier than the original one” ???

67% solve but :
“Failure Process has timed out. This may mean that your solution is not optimized enough to handle some cases.”

are there hidden constraints?

Have alphabetic characters a role here?

edit : 100% done ^^


Yes, it was easier.
On original puzzle n consecutive brackets of the same type will have 2^n different alternatives, whereas in that puzzle it can be reduced to just 1 option.
I.e: with 4 brackets of type () you had 16 options: ((((, ((() … ())),)))), and know it can be simplified to just ()()

I see you completed it, so you don’t have any hint.


Solved it.
The last validator is different from the last test in regard to my solution but I just optimized it and it works fine.


any hints for me?


Definitely easier than the other version :slight_smile:
But funny though !


Maybe I miss something, but what is the difference between puzzles:
Brackets Enhanced Ed and
Brackets Extended Ed ?
Exactly same code solves both for me and puzzle description is also the same only test cases differ.