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I’ve completed the puzzle and my code passes all the testcases but when I click on Submit it says 90% and that the last test case is red like it wasn’t passed. Can you resolve this bug?

Yes I can. :grin:
There is a bug in your code, not in the puzzle.


Thank you for your response.
Yes I did not understand that after the submit there was a different computing done.
I’ve corrected the bug and now it passes the test.

What was your bug?

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i have the same problem, how did you solve it?


From what I understand, the input is invalid if it is not an alternation of 0 and 1 (whatever the first byte is) or if it contains any other character than 0,1 or blank space.
Could anyone explain why this input (test 11) should be considered invalid ?
0 0 00 0000 0 0

Thank you

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you have to work with 7-bits coding/decoding. But in test 11 there is only 6 bits provided, so it is invalid.