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Created by @Edjy,validated by @AlienOGman,@jordan_codingame and @FredericLocquet.
If you have any issues, feel free to ping them.

The statement is fuzzy, imprecise or incomplete.
I have to deduce the requirement from test cases. Reading the statement alone did not help.


Being a buzzle might be recursive.

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Thanks for the clue !

I totally agree !

I think that the difficulty level for this puzzle should be set to Medium.
Levels 1-3 are easy, but Buzzle level 4 is quite a bit harder.


How come in the example in level 4, 82 is not a buzzle?

in base 12, k = 7,11; 82 → 6A → sum (6+10), next iteration 16 last digit 6 != 11 && 6 != 7 but the sum is (1+6) = 7 which should be buzzle; or am I misunderstanding the procedure?

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16 in base 12 is 14 (1x12 + 4x1) and the sum is 1+4=5. Hence it’s not a buzzle

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Thank you, was not understanding you had to keep on converting to base b the sum; I feel that there should be a distinguish on easy(this) and very easy puzzles

This puzzle is really anoying with the base conversions…
I’m aligned with your statement for all the test case appart test 4 and test 5 where 1039 4518 4564 and 4582 are seen as buzzle on my side if the sum is checked after base conversion.
In the end I don’t find any way to make an algorithm which would be ok with these anthgonious situations… if anyone have an idea on this issue I can share my code.

Make sure your conversion is correct.
For example with 1039 in base 18: 1039 = 318² + 318 + 13, therefore sum of the digits is 3+3+13 = 19 which is not a buzzle (not a multiple of 11 or 17). 19 = 118 + 1 so the sum of its digits is 2 which is not a buzzle either.
For example with 4518 in base 24 : 4518 = 7
24² + 2024 + 6, therefore sum of the digits is 7+20+6 = 33 which is not a buzzle (not a multiple of 13, 19 or 23). 33 = 124 + 9 so the sum of its digits is 10 which is not a buzzle either.
If you still can’t find the error, please share the code dealing with base conversion