[Community Puzzle] Byte pair encoding


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What about “aabdaabcab” case?
Can you expane what answer should be for this input?


Z = ab
Y = aZ

input -----------------------

process 1 -----------------------

  • input: aabdaabcab
  • most common byte pair: ab with 3 occurrences
  • replaced by: Z
  • output: aZdaZcZ

process 2 -----------------------

  • intput: aZdaZcZ
  • most common byte pair: aZ with 2 occurrences
  • replaced by: Y
  • output: YdYcZ

return -----------------------
Z = ab
Y = aZ

Not passing last test case any hint

I don’t think there is anything special about the last test case…

I would suggest looking at the expected output to see where the encoding rules differ from your answer
(you can use the “Show testcases” button to see the full expected output for each test).

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thanks! never knew we can see test case expected like that(Im new to the platform).
And Finally solved!!

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