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Created by @ShawnLiang,validated by @Konstant,@Schwase and @Kktus.
If you have any issues, feel free to ping them.

Since when do we accept to validate a puzzle with a single test case but several validators??? There are some rules to respect about test cases and validators…and it is absolutly not the case here!

Since several times, it really becomes a lot of nonsense on some puzzle validations!

On this one, without the existence of some tests matching some validators there are people who will row a lot to find why their code does not work with one or two validators without their matching test cases!


Also inputs are inconsistent and contains irrelevant data. I don’t really need enemy’s and my spawn position… just actual one, that’s why we have game loop. Don’t like this one

Thanks very much for commenting.
I first thought that having validators means your testcases are better, so i made as much tests with validators as possible. Bruh

I have fixed this problem offline but I cannot update my project because of some errors in codingame server. I will upload the new version as soon as the codingame server is available.

Btw,the CG response that the issue will be fixed soon, but probably not before next thuesday.

Thanks very much for commenting.

I will upload the new version as soon as the codingame server is available.

No offense :slight_smile: it was just prematurelly approved. Guess, the approvers didn’t even solve the problem. Keep on creating new content

i don’t understand when not changing the base code, just put a console.log(“D”) in javascript, or echo “D”; in PHP en get systematically “TIMEOUT” ?
maybe a probleme with the source program ? or a bad input specification ? or me ?

effectively, should use 1 input readline() for javascript instead of 2 in the loop !

Yes, it seems that the base code for parsing inputs is wrong but the puzzle is still approved without any follow-up somehow.

Yes but a nice and funny puzzle… specially with a lazy approach.

I feel that this should not be classed as an Easy puzzle - surely it should be Medium. Some have implemented A* to solve this.

For me, a BFS with random.

Yes, it should be medium level .Shortest Path like dijkstra’s or A star algorithm should OK.funny puzzle.

You should echo “D” in each game turn.