Community puzzle challenge #4 - Einstein's riddle solver

I tipped my hand a bit in challenge #3 when I mentioned that CodinDice may be the next challenge. Either I was anticipated (and my timing is off) or through sheer coincidence…

CodinDice is currently the Puzzle of the Week, and consequently has gained enough solves to be bumped lower on my list. Not much lower, though… That must be one tough nut to crack! It currently clocks in at #8:

CodinDice - 122 days, 19 solved - 0.16

So enough with the preamble! What’s the challenge this month? Here’s the current top of the list using my solutions per day formula:

Ticket to Ride: Europe - 52 days, 3 solved - 0.06
Haunted Manor - 304 days, 24 solved - 0.08
Einstein's riddle solver - 159 days, 22 solved - 0.14

Well, Ticket to Ride: Europe has shot up to the top of the list due to an unprecedented lack of solves (who wrote that joke of a puzzle?) But it’s a bit fresh yet. Let’s let it stew for a while.

Skipping our old favorite, Haunted Manor, next up is the very nicely designed Einstein’s riddle solver. This puzzle takes the classic pencil-and-paper logic puzzle and provides it in a software-friendly format. Very fun.

Here’s the current list of Einstein’s riddle solver solvers’ published solutions:

player_one (C#)
Doomer3D (C#)
djjeck (Java)
ajmadsen-hart (Ruby)
Visual (Javascript)
AkshatPatel (Python3)
Plopx (C++)
Potemkine ©
Kyran (Javascript)
ValNykol (Ruby)
papyjo ©
Bibiche (Python3)
Blackfich (Java)
magaiti (C++)

Want to join those puzzle champions on the list? I’m pretty sure you can. Einstein’s riddle solver is tough, but if you apply yourself, I’m sure you can handle it. Give it a shot!

  • danBhentschel

Okay. I have been called out a few times on this. I never updated this challenge, nor did I create another community puzzle challenge. It’s been 6 months!!! My apologies! :cry:

Congratulations to you!

Since I originally posted this message (back in January) 8 people have solved Einstein’s riddle solver.

These 5 users published a solution in the month following the challenge announcement:

JBM (Haskell)
eulerscheZahl (C#)
RoboStac (Go)
Chingmaan (Python3)
Chipmunk_meg (Python3)

And these 2 users have published a solution in the intervening 5 months:

MathJason (Python3)
Stilgart (Haskell)

A big congratulations to those who have successfully solved this supremely difficult puzzle! Even after the extra focused attention, “Einstein’s riddle solver” has only been solved 30 times in its 332 days of availability, giving it a remarkably low 0.09 solutions per day rate. This is the 4th lowest rate of all the community puzzles.

  • danBhentschel


I’m trying this puzzle but i don’t want to go with brut force computation (generate all combinations and pick the one that fulfill all criteria)
instead i’m trying to solve the problem using matrix. but yet, i didn’t found the best way to modelize the (not associated “!”)
could you please help me with this, any clue is welcome :slight_smile: