[Community Puzzle] Cheat Solving


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Nice puzzle!
Two remarks:

  • I started with the Doubly Solved Rubik’s Cube puzzle. After solving that one, this becomes a 2-minute exercise, with 99% code-reuse. (Although I recommend starting with Cheat solving, as this one is simpler.)
  • My solution uses a hand-crafted constant data structure, mapping input string locations to the cube topology / adjacencies. After solving it, I checked also the contibution page and see a much more elegant, few-lines-only FP solution. The only issue: I don’t understand it at all… :slight_smile: It would be very educational for Haskell-dummies, such as myself, to see some explanation tech.io or blog article, explaining how to solve this puzzle in such elegant functional programming way.

Thanks for the free puzzle, I had already solved the Doubly Solved Rubik’s cube so this one was pretty much given (tho I had to re-list my corners stickers properly in clockwise order, I didn’t bother for the previous one as I was going to check set equalities only).