[Community Puzzle] Checkers


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Created by @linjoehan,validated by @AntiSquid,@Unihedron and @BlackBird.
If you have any issues, feel free to ping them.


the initial entry of myColor is “w”.
in the documentation, it is a “r”


who is the winner?

  • After 150 moves: is it a draw?
  • When the other player has no more valid moves : Is it a draw? The player loses? The winner is the one with the most pieces?


  • It is a draw

  • “You win, when the other player has no more valid moves.”

You are totally right it should be r and b.

after 50 moves it is supposed to be draw if its not being crowned or kinged.

Still an issue: if you are playing red as second player, the input you’ll get is “w”.

As this is currently the “Puzzle of the week”, a fix would be nice.

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Hi, I have a problem that in some point in the game the game doesn’t provide me the input about the state of the game.
Why does it happen?