[Community Puzzle] Code Keeper - The Hero (beta)

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Created by @aCat,validated by @radekmie,@Gabbek and @DomiKo.
If you have any issues, feel free to ping them.

When you order a move towards a nearby cell occupied by a monster, it is an attack. If that attack kills the monster, is the move performed ?

Hi @aCat
I think your maps could use some randomness. Only 21 (84 with mirrors) aren’t that many. Despite some losses because of random zombie movement, I managed to get a comfortable lead by just collecting the highest scored solution for each of the maps. The hardest part was to parse the mess of a json. Sorry for the late reply, I didn’t find the time to comment before it was approved :imp:

My current arena bot stops 1 turn early not to affect the ranking anymore. But you can see how well it’s working in the latest games.


“I didn’t find the time to comment before it was approved”, pun intended ?

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Of course, the approval was a bit questionable here.
I still think it’s an enjoyable game. I probably wouldn’t bother to complain about the map generation flaw otherwise.


aCat was kind enough to provide the source code of the game to me. Here is a version with randomly generated maps.
Feedback (e.g. too few or many monsters of a certain type, maze layout) is welcome.


I wish there would be an option in setting, that I could see only my part of the maze.