[Community Puzzle] Conditional probabilities

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Created by @nicola,validated by @DKurilo,@VizGhar and @AdHominem.
If you have any issues, feel free to ping them.

A = “I spend the evening coding till late night”
B = “a new puzzle by @nicola appears on CG”
P(A|B) = A GIVEN B = close to 1… :slight_smile:

Note: A fraction of your code can be reused between this puzzle and Bag of Balls and Continued Fractions.

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I nobrained it when it was released with a lot of copy-paste + replace instead of just refactoring stuff ^^’
Probably the spaguettiest solution I published on CG.

Or maybe:
A = “a new puzzle by nicola”
B = “Oh no it’s a maths puzzle”

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I love math. Just sometimes math doesn’t love me…