[Community Puzzle] Connect the Hyper-Dots


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Created by @davilla,validated by @Alex-1,@Jumpmaster and @EliteDaMyth.
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@davilla Can you explain the following? I dont see any test case named “criss-cross”.

“Some points labeled with punctuation will have a zero coordinate. In the tests, the hyphen in criss-cross is an example. A zero coordinate is not considered crossing the axis. Thus, do not add a space except when entering a new orthant from previous.”

For the below test case why the output is “Great!” and not “Grea!t”? Please explain.

6 2
a 4 7
e 5 6
G 5 2
r 4 4
t 3 10
! 0 9

Cause sqrt(20) > sqrt(10).
Distance is from the previous point (“a” here), not from the starting point.

And basically there’s an orthant change when at least one coordinate goes from < 0 to > 0 or vice versa.

There’s a test called Hyphenation, and criss-cross appears 2 tests below that.